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The Art of Lingering with Edelbrand Fruit Brandies

“Lingering” may seem an untimely topic to write about when a global pandemic is disrupting every single aspect of daily living. If anything, we’re learning to navigate a different world on every level, trying to remain healthy and keep our families safe while managing relationships, work, school, meals, schedules…an endless list of responsibilities, worries, and concerns amidst a constantly-changing backdrop of uncertainty.

Honestly, it’s overwhelming at times. And during those moments, I look for small ways to remember that - despite all that’s not right in the world - the beauty of nature, the warmth of family, and the reassurances of friends give me opportunities to slow down, breathe in, and linger.

A Conscious Decision

linger / ˈlɪŋɡər/ to stay somewhere longer than is necessary, or to spend longer doing something than is necessary, because it is enjoyable or helpful.

Thank you, Macmillan Dictionary, for this definition. Lingering, not to be confused or associated with laziness, shirking, or neglect, requires a conscious decision. Especially with current challenges, it is so hard to give yourself (and others) permission to step off the proverbial treadmill and allow yourself space and time for something quiet.

I find myself lingering in really good books, the kind you don’t want to end because the writing is THAT good. Then there’s my garden where flowers explode with color and herbs burst with aroma. Behind my camera, observing what’s inside the frame. With Brandy, the distillery dog, who has truly taken lingering on a sunny day, under her favorite tree, to another level.

New Memories Include Edelbrand

But my favorite moments to linger in are with people. Precious (and increasingly more fleeting) are the moments with my family. These days, the distiller and I are most often the only ones at the table. That Swiss influence makes Martin a master at lingering. (Admittedly, I clean up and THEN linger, which is a total affront to the Swiss Dude.) Our ‘kids’ are 30-somethings and spread out all over this big world, ranging from right around the corner from our farm, to San Fran, and all the way to Switzerland. But when we’re together, the best and most memorable moments are not from out-of-this-world experiences. It’s the ordinary and familiar and shared moments that stand the test of time.

We enjoy lingering by an open fire pit. Armed with a glass of Edelbrand fruit brandy to sip, we invite friends over as the sun sets, the sky colors up, and laughter fills the night. Other times, we gather on the porch to munch and catch up. These are the moments when time seems to slow…and even expand. Where our shoulders ease a bit and worries aren’t so front and center…when we are reminded we’re not alone.

Edelbrand fans: Do you practice the art (and I do believe it is an art) of lingering? In what situations does the opportunity present itself to you? How often do you accept the unspoken invitation? What memories are created when you do? If you’d care to share your answers and thoughts, I’m happy to linger in this moment with you.


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