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The Family Behind Edelbrand

Edelbrand vinars comes from one family’s Swiss heritage and their dedication to the mountain village tradition of producing single-batch spirits crafted completely by hand to bring out the pure essence of each fruit. In Europe, vinars is a traditional dry spirit sipped after dinner is finished, when time slows for relaxed conversation. There, the spirit enjoys considerable following as a digestif for its natural properties in aiding digestion.  In reality there are many ways and moments to enjoy these spirits - you are limited only by your imagination. Edelbrand vinars pairs well with cheeses, nuts, artisanal meats, fresh fruit, sorbets, desserts, and chocolate…the darker the better.  And these handcrafted spirits are beautiful additions to those of you who are cocktail aficionados - and we have many cocktail ideas for you.

Edelbrand Pure Distilling is a family-owned/run, small-batch distillery located an hour west of St. Louis just outside of Marthasville, Missouri. Surrounded by rolling hills and farm-rich land, Schoenweid Farm is home of the DeLean-Weber family. We manage every aspect of the distillery operation and the business, from fruit selection and mash preparation, to applying the label and capstrip on each bottle. Small copper pot stills, single-batch runs, handcrafted from start to finish, limited production – these terms define what Edelbrand does, drawing upon the very traditions of our Swiss heritage and the distilling methods still in use in the mountain villages of Switzerland today. The result is an exceptional spirit that holds a hint of Switzerland in each bottle.

Small as we may be, we are deeply committed to the artisan nature of what we do.  While others may focus on margin and profit levels, our family continues to choose quality over quantity, painstaking steps over commercial efficiency, and limited production spirits over mass-produced alcohol.  Edelbrand vinars reflects that commitment and also a promise:  Each bottle of the 1,000 we will produce this year is crafted by hand to bring out the delicate nature of each fruit’s essence.  We hope you will taste that promise of handcrafted excellence in every single sip you take.

Meet the Team

Martin, Lynn, and Tess welcome you to connect with them to ask questions, learn more, and share your stories and ideas via our Contact Us page or via Facebook.

Martin Weber — Master Distiller, Founder

Martin was born and raised in Switzerland where he had an opportunity to develop his palate sipping some of the world’s finest fruit brandies. Moving to the U.S. thirty years ago, he began dreaming of combining his engineering knowledge with the art and science of distilling to bring these spirits to the place he now calls home. After years of research, experimenting, and tastings with others in the field, Martin knew Edelbrand vinars was ready to be shared and Edelbrand Pure Distilling was launched. Today when Martin begins to speak about the intricacies of the single-batch distilling process, his passion and commitment to the art of handcrafted spirits are evident. Martin is happy to share the culture of his homeland and the history behind these spirits.


Lynn DeLean-Weber — CEO, Owner

Lynn was first introduced to Swiss vinars almost twenty years ago. It was in a private Swiss home among close friends that a lovely fruit brandy was served one evening at the very end of the meal. The simple gesture gave everyone a reason to stay a little longer, to linger in conversation, and offered a perfect finish to the shared moment. When Martin shared his dream of Edelbrand with her, Lynn was eager to help turn it into a reality. With more than 35 years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial settings, Lynn invests her focus and time creating memorable customer experiences for Edelbrand customers. Lynn serves on the Missouri Craft Distillers Board as Secretary and is a member of the Legislative and Membership/Education Committees.

Tess DeLean — Owner

Tess may live in San Francisco, but technology bridges the miles and allows for Tess to keep all aspects of Edelbrand's online presence running smoothly. When home, Tess is the first one to roll up her sleeves and pitch in wherever help is needed. While she can't pick a favorite Edelbrand vinars, she loves both sipping it neat and as well as mixing it into cocktails.  ​

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