The Art & Science Behind the Spirit

Edelbrand vinars is a dry, unaged spirit made from 100% fruit selected at peak of flavor. Its closest relatives are eaux de vie, grappa, and European schnaps. The unique flavor found in Edelbrand vinars comes from the careful preparation of and tending to the fruit mashes over many months.  This ensures a slow and unhurried fermentation phase, allowing the subtle essences of each fruit to come forward naturally over time.  Patience is the key.  There are no shortcuts in handcrafting these exquisite spirits. The word edelbrand means the finest or purest of brandies, and that is what we strive to create in each bottle of Edelbrand vinars.

Each bottle contains its own tasting experience, beginning with hand-picked fruit sourced as locally as possible. Every year’s harvest reflects the influence of terroir, the environment in which the fruit was carefully nurtured and cultivated, and these seasonal variations in flavor and character are reflected in our vinars. Open a bottle of our vinars and the aroma that greets you is the result of a process we began months before. We start with fresh fruit picked at the peak of ripeness, carefully inspecting and washing each individual fruit.  From there, the fruit is mashed and placed into barrels with yeast and water to begin fermenting. We carefully tend to the mash for the next 3 to 10 months, gauging the right moment to distill each batch.

When the mash is ready, we heat up our single-batch copper pot stills. These stills are small by licensed distillery standards - 7, 12, and 18 gallons—but perfectly sized for crafting deep flavor profiles for each variety of our Edelbrand vinars. This process coaxes the purest flavors from each fruit, reflecting traditional Swiss distilling methods.

After hours of closely monitoring the run, we capture the distillate that will be slowly diluted over the next several weeks until it reaches its final proof. The end result is a dry, naturally flavored fruit brandy captured in each bottle.  The distinct flavor profiles are not surprising when you consider that it takes 8 to 15 pounds of fruit to create each bottle. And because our runs are single batch, each results in a truly handcrafted spirit. Just 1,000 bottles hold the best we have to offer this year.

What we do would not be possible without the local farmers and suppliers who are committed to providing their best so we can create the finest vinars possible. Positioned in a rural farming community that is also home to winemakers, Edelbrand sources fruits both locally and regionally from other like-minded, family-run businesses who provide only the highest quality products.

For fruit not grown in Missouri’s climate, Edelbrand’s sources reach out nationally to bring in the most flavorful and ripe fruits available. Seeing this idea become a reality, sharing something we have created with others, enjoying the friendships we've made along the way - that's why Edelbrand exists. These connections and the strong sense of community inspire us each and every day.

In the increasingly crowded space of handcrafted spirits, Edelbrand vinars stands out among the very few fruit brandies distilled in the United States. Single-batch distilling, using centuries-old methods found in Swiss villages, makes Edelbrand products even more distinct. Our family holds a deep commitment to creating vinars that honors those traditions. It is at the heart of everything we do at here at Edelbrand.

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