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Open the lid to find one 100ml bottle each of vinars da vin – Missouri grape infused with dill, vinars da meila – Missouri apple infused with plum, and vinars da péra – Washington Bartlett pear together with two imported nosing glasses. 

2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Vinars d
Edelbrand vinars da péra


artisanal pear brandy

The purest essence of a pear, nuanced and polished. Born from succulent Bartlett pears dripping with ripeness, this spirit offers a hint of natural sweetness from the first sip to the last. Splashed over prosecco, delicate sorbets, or fresh fruit, this spirit is a treat….and a sheer delight to sip alone. 2020 Double Gold. 2018 Best Spirit and National Gold Medal winner.




Edelbrand vinars tschereschas

artisanal cherry brandy


The essence of flavor. In a word, luscious. Coming from the most fragile of mashes, this dry spirit is instantly warming and deeply satisfying. The rich flavor profile offers an intriguing tasting experience. Great to sip, excellent with cheese fondues. Pairs well with nuts, rich cheeses, and of course, chocolates – the darker the better. 2018 National Silver Medal winner. The rich flavor profile offers a whisper of an almond note at the very end. Great to sip... 

2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Vinars d
Edelbrand vinars da meila

artisanal apple brandy

infused with plum

Delicately golden in color, with high-toned apple blossom and green apple skin conveying the purity of this brandy with hints of earthy pomace. Apples and honey on the palate, with a pure, mineral-laden finish. A gold medal winner bringing home 91 points in a 2018 international competition, this fragrant spirit delivers a beautiful sensory experience alone or with mild to moderate cheeses and charcuterie.

Edelbrand vinars da vin

artisanal grape brandy

infused with dill


All the earth’s complexity captured in each sip. The sheer smoothness of this spirit together, and the dill that lingers from the glass is floral and fresh. And for all the aromatic intensity, the dill infusion is discrete and not quite savory on the palate. An excellent choice for an aperitif or to substitute for gin or aquavit. A 93-point Finalist in a 2019 international competition, this spirit holds its own at the end of the meal and pairs perfectly with espressos and chocolate.

2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Vinars d
2019 Finalist.png
Edelbrand vinars d'apricosas

artisanal apricot brandy


Summer in a bottle – delightful and delicious!  Soft and pure, this spirit has a distinct mouthfeel and memorable palette of flavors.  It comes from the most beautiful of mashes…deeply golden, the color of sunflowers.  Pairs perfectly with nuts and delicate cheeses and meats. 2017 National Silver Medal winner and a favorite among mixologists!

Edelbrand vinars da plogas

artisanal plum brandy


Warm, captivating, and memorable, Italian prune plums deliver in a big way.  This spirit leads with its perfumed plum fragrance and vibrant flavor profile.  Dry and rich, it gives you every reason to linger in the moment.  This spirit goes well with fresh fruit desserts and can be used to add a layer of nuanced flavor to a fresh fruit salad…or to just sip! 2017 Best Spirit and National Gold Medal winner.

2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Vinars d