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Edelbrand Brandy-Soaked Cherry Bonbons Are Back!

The fine art of making Swiss chocolate can be found at Andre’s Confiserie Suisse in Kansas City, MO. And we think the finest confection is their Edelbrand Brandy-Soaked Cherry Bonbons, making their only appearance each year between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day seasons while supplies last. Order directly from Andre’s to ensure the freshest batch, careful packaging, and prompt delivery to your doorstep.

at Andre's Confiserie Suisse

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A Reason to Linger

If you are new to European-style fruit brandies, a world of nuanced flavors and aromas awaits you.  Each of our six spirits offers a most unique sipping experience to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Our Swiss distiller entrusts time-honored traditions to create these exceptional spirits...small copper pot stills, patience with fermentation, and handcrafted excellence from beginning to the very end when the cork is put into place.


That focus and commitment comes through in every drop of these limited production spirits and increasingly is catching the attention in the very competitive world of small-batch spirits. In 2020, our vinars da péra was honored with a double gold in ADI's Judging of Craft Spirits. Last year, our vinars da vin was awarded 93 points and selected as finalist in its first international competition. And in 2018, our vinars da meila and vinars da péra brought home 91 and 88 points respectively from the international Ultimate Spirits Competition. Our vinars da péra went on to win Gold Medals and The Washington Cup in addition to Best Spirit in national and regional competitions.

Are you on the Missouri Spirits Expedition?  Learn more about how to taste Edelbrand’s award winning spirits and get that stamp you're looking for.

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Experience Edelbrand Vinars

Edelbrand vinars is a dry, unaged European-style fruit brandy handcrafted for sipping and sharing, connecting and lingering with family and friends. From the instant you open the bottle, the natural aroma of apple, pear, plum, grape, apricot, or cherry tumbles out.

The smooth nature of these aromatic spirits comes from a dedication to the art of small-batch distilling, revealing the best from luscious fruit mashes laid down months before. With less than 1,000 bottles produced this year, it is with quiet pride that we invite you to experience Edelbrand vinars. Edelbrand vinars is perfect for lingering in ordinary moments with extraordinary taste. Learn more about the varieties of Edelbrand vinars we produce and the many ways to enjoy vinars.

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Photo Credit: Oh So Vivant

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